About Us

Qazi Law Associates is a Pakistan-based full legal service, general-practice law firm established in 1996. It has a national reach in Pakistan through its office in Lahore having multiple areas of expertise and particular emphases, strengths and specialist capabilities in a number of legal sectors. The Firmís combination of expertise, skill, experience, resourcefulness, professionalism and its unrelenting pursuit of excellence enables it to deliver high-quality and seamless legal services, which marks it out as one of the foremost emerging law firms of Pakistan.

Qazi Law Associates is an energetic and progressive law firm looking optimistically towards the future and at the cutting edge of legal developments and the legal profession in Pakistan. An ambition to be Pakistanís premier law firm underpins our strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through sustained investment in managing local and international legal knowledge and information, and by creating a work culture and ethic that enables our team of people to offer consistently high standards of client service.

Qazi Law Associates is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Ė Pakistanís largest province in terms of population and the second largest in terms of geographical area. Lahore Ė a city rich in both industry and culture Ė is also the second largest city and commercial hub in Pakistan.

Qazi Law Associates
provides international-standard legal services in Pakistan and is fully geared towards meeting the needs and demands of clients, both local and foreign. In a world of continuing uncertainty and change and increasing complexity, Qazi Law Associates is able to provide its clients with the legal capabilities they need not only to react to change, but to anticipate and benefit from it. The Firmís lawyers are strongly committed to providing high quality and expeditious legal services with individual attention and personal concern coupled with high personal standards of quality, performance, excellence, integrity and client service. The Firm offers a quality of service and a degree of professionalism that belies its size. Its innovative and thoroughly professional approach has brought freshness to the legal landscape of Lahore and its reputation for excellence, professionalism and depth of resources has fostered the growth of a diversified clientele. Qazi Law Associates is a experienced firm. The Firmís Partners and Associates draw on their collective experience of having previously served as principal associates in some of the leading law firms of Pakistan.

Many people are reluctant to approach lawyers and law firms with good reputations and standing due to the fear of exorbitant and prohibitive legal fees. Many of those that do have the courage (and deep pockets) to interface with top-end law firms find that they are left dealing with inexperienced and inefficient associates rather than experienced and competent partners, whose reputations attracted them in the first instance. Thus, the quality of service also, invariably, suffers. Qazi Law Associates does away with both these fears. The Firm makes high-quality legal services available to clients efficiently, promptly and economically.

The Firmís combined professional experience and expertise encompass a wide-range of tasks, which enables it to effectively undertake complex matters and address critical legal issues, including legal research, legal advice and consultancy, formulation of legal opinions and strategies, conducting negotiations, drafting legal documents, legal representation and dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration and mediation).

With lawyers conducting a comprehensive local, national and international practice from our office in Lahore, we are constantly and consistently at the heart of some of the largest and most complex legal matters in Pakistan. Many of our partners, consultants and associates are recognized as amongst the best in Pakistan in their respective fields of expertise. The Firm's reputation for excellence and depth of resources has fostered the growth of a diversified clientele, including some of the oldest, largest and most respected businesses and institutions in Pakistan.

The Firm also offers all the services of an in-house legal department to entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions and organizations that cannot afford (or do not want) to maintain a legal department. Additionally, the Firm acts as an additional resource to those businesses, institutions and organizations that do employ in-house lawyers.

On the litigation side, the Firm conducts cases at all levels, from the lower courts at the District level up to the Provincial High Courts as well as special courts, tribunals and arbitrators. The Firm also prepares briefs for representations before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. All lawyers of the Firm are licensed to practice law in Pakistan.

The Firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to institutional and individual clients who demand the sophistication and expertise of a large law firm but who can also benefit from the more individualized client services (and cost effectiveness) offered by a specialized practice. It provides legal services in almost all parts of Pakistan and has trained personnel specializing in different branches of law. The Firm while maintaining its position as the oldest law firm in Pakistan and highest quality of legal services, is committed towards making contributions to the legislative process, assisting courts and tribunals in setting new standards in enforcement prosecution practices.